About the designer

Hi! My name is Ariane Chavarriaga and I´m a product and  textile designer. I studied in Medellín (Colombia) before starting my textile and surface design career in the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee in Berlin (Germany) Currently my design studio is based in Berlin.

The design process of my print patterns always begins on a sheet of paper. This is the moment when I process the concepts I want to give life in my patterns. I’m constantly getting inspiration from nature, pop culture, urban styles and multicultural interactions from interesting cities like Berlin, my hometown. I always try to retain the handmade character of my illustrations with the purpose of showing them as spontaneous and bold. I´m not afraid of embracing the beauty of imperfection.

I define my style as funny but stylish with a naive charm. These properties fit very well with kids fashion in general, and can be applied to adults’ clothing and accessories as well.

All prints are individually designed and handmade to incorporate my own illustrations.

Thank you for passing by 🙂


retrato 1

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